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 The Banana Bread Project 

     Making, Selling & Doing the Good Stuff     

girl baking banana bread

Our Purpose
The Best Products Made for the Best Reasons

From Every Product Directly Benefits

The Banana Bread Project is a wholesale baked goods brand empowering and supporting young women who have experienced homelessness, sexual assault, family violence or addiction to achieve the confidence and skills needed to gain their independence.

The Banana Bread Project directly provides work opportunities for young women housed within the program to work within the bakery operations helping make & distribute our products.


In addition to providing employment, a component of all purchases goes directly into funding the programs long-term housing, support services and treatment for girls within the program.

Baking Banana Bread

About Our Brands

Our focus is on a few key products we believe we do better than anyone and hope that you will think so too.

At the heart of our business is our banana bread range of products (our name says it all!). By using large portions of natural ingredients the flavours and textures of our signature range speaks for itself – combine this with all products being mixed and made with love by hand you have the essential banana bread. 

We keep it traditional – our team cuts no corners when it comes to their methods: Mixed and shaped by hand, our full range is baked fresh daily to ensure a healthy shelf-life and the freshest flavours for our products for our customers.

Lillian Howell Project 

The Lillian Howell Project (Lillian's), founded in 1988, is a specialist homelessness service providing medium to long term 24-hour, on-site gender specific supported housing for up to 13 young women and girls from the ages of 13 to 17 years.


Our approach is one that is underpinned by trauma informed care in a safe and secure setting that builds the capacity of the young women through modelling reliable and consistent behaviours. We pride ourselves in setting a benchmark in high quality, relational based care.


Lillian’s allows the young women and girls to re-establish trust and assuredness, supporting them to complete or further their education, gain employment and progress to independent living.

Over time, we have supported many young women - from those escaping family and domestic violence, to those who have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect - to heal, flourish and break the cycle of homelessness.

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